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VIDEO: How to protect yourself from a bull attack

Safe handling of stock bulls

Bulls are among the most dangerous aspects of farming, with over 19% of farm fatalities in the last 10 years caused by livestock.

Attacks from bulls are usually fatal, due to the size and strength of the animal.

The HSA have released a video to demonstrate safety when dealing with bulls. The information discussed in the video is as follows.

“Bulls are large, strong animals and can be very protective of the herd. This is a natural instinct in animals, but this also means that the farmer is very exposed to this danger as he carries out his daily farming routines.”

“Many farmers have been attacked by bulls in the field. Usually, these attacks are fatal due to the size and strength of the animal.”

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“If possible, a vehicle should be used. If this is not possible, the safety measures like keeping close to fences and keeping a safe distance away all help you to be safer.”

“When bulls are busy at peak breeding, they may be less of a risk but on the other hand they may be more protective of the herd, so it’s always best not to take any chances.”

“When the breeding season is finished, move the bull away from the herd and place him in a safe, secure field or paddock along with at least one other animal as livestock company. Bulls left in a field on their own may become aggressive.”

“Indoors, bulls will remain calmer and more contented when they are housed in the presence of other stock. A proper bull facility is an ideal thing to have. It should be constructed of quality steel that is strong enough to hold the bull.”

Video source: HSAchannel YouTube

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