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VIDEO: EasyWrap 150 – 36 wraps per minute

A brand-new addition to the Krone portfolio is the EasyWrap 150, which wraps round bales of diameters varying from 1.00m to 1.50m.

The new EasyWrap bale wrapper is specifically designed for farmers and contractors who harvest small fields and bale and wrap the forage in two separate passes, according to the firm.  

Using one wrapping arm that orbits around the bale at 36rpm, the EasyWrap 150 is currently the “fastest single-arm wrapper available on the market”.

Mounted on the three-point linkage, either at the front or rear of the tractor for optimum weight distribution and safe and stable rides in any terrain, the rugged and easy-to-use machine is also suitable for wrapping round bales of up to 1,600kg without a hitch even from smaller tractors.

As another advantage, the compact design and extremely narrow frame ensure the operator has an excellent view of the wrapping table.

Two massive and driven rollers (one with a smooth surface, one with a corrugated surface) turn the bale effectively, even in difficult conditions.

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The wrapper is easily adjusted to the current bale size simply by refitting the pins on the loading arms that pick up the bale and lift it onto the table and ensures the film is always applied to the middle of the round bale for ideal overlaps and uniform application of the film.

Does not rely on timed control 

Another technical highlight, EasyWrap does not rely on timed control, which is typically used on other solo wrappers.

EasyWrap has an angle sensor which monitors the position of the wrapping arm. The technology ensures perfect wraps and consistent overlaps are maintained when the wrapper is operated on different tractors and by different hydraulic systems.

The film is 750mm wide and offers a 55% or 70% pre-stretch.

Up to four spare film rolls can be stored on an optional holder, which has integral lights and a control that operates the dispensing and cutting mechanism and the wrapping arm.

The EasyWrap 150 is operated from the DS 500 terminal, which offers a large display screen and clear user interface, intuitive menu navigation and maximum operator comfort.

After the operator sets the bale size, the system calculates the number of wraps necessary.


At film end or film break, the rollers instantly stop turning the bale, and the wrapping arm moves to the left side so the operator can insert the film conveniently.

The EasyWrap 150 can be specified with an optional bale turner which also serves as a sensor for the auto-load feature. 

As the tractor approaches the bale, this pushes the sensor roll out of the wrapping table which, in turn, triggers the two rollers and brings them together to pick up the bale.

It is also possible to automate the entire wrapping cycle so the operator can concentrate on the driving while wrapping.

Of course, it is also possible to carry out all steps manually if conditions suggest auto mode is not recommended.

At the end of the wrapping cycle the film is fixed and cut in one operation. The cut is clean and tidy, and the film end clings neatly to the wrap. Loose film ends will not be seen on the EasyWrap. The two rollers then move apart placing the bale gently to the floor.

Without leaving cab

After completing work in one field, the operator simply presses a button to move the machine into transport position without leaving the cab and moves off to the next field.

By default, all Krone EasyWrap models are approved for travel on public roads, courtesy of the standard lights on the wrapping arms.

Launching the EasyWrap solo wrapper, Krone strengthens its position as a forage specialist in the wrapper segment.

The new machine stands out for a rugged design that scores on maximum work rates, exemplary operator comfort and very easy operation.

EasyWrap 150 will not remain the only solo wrapper that can be expected from Krone.

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