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VIDEO: Dutch native farming in Ireland

Eric Verschuure believes Ireland is the best place in the world for Dutch young farmers with a dream to farm.

Despite not hailing from an agricultural background, he is passionate about grass-based farming system – a practice that he believes is more sustainable financially and environmentally. “I have always wanted to be a dairy farmer,” explained Eric who began share-milking in Ireland in April 2018.

“The dairy sector in Ireland has had an ambitious goal of increasing production by 50% by 2020. There are no production quotas and land prices are lower compared to Holland; this results in incentives from the government which encourage older farmers to lease their land to younger farmers and makes interesting succession plans possible.”

During his studies, Eric crossed paths with Saturn Farms’ Bill O’Keeffe. “Saturn Farms’ goal is to develop young people by creating opportunities for farm ownership and this is exactly what I needed.”

“If you are a young person who wants to achieve great things in dairy farming or farm ownership, you should definitely come to Ireland and make use of the opportunities that are here.” Verschuure concluded.

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