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VIDEO: Do I have to accept a TB valuation?

When animals in a herd are found to be TB reactors, they have to be removed from the herd and the farmer will be compensated for his loss.

However, the farmer may feel he is not being adequately compensated for their loss and he can reject the valuation of the animal.


The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have produced a video on the valuation process, where a spokesperson breaks down all you need to know about the valuation process.

The information she discloses is as follows:

“The two most important documents in relation to compensation are the V8 and the ER26X. The ER26X is the application form for compensation and you must sign at the bottom to say you agree to the conditions of the scheme. The V8 form relates to valuation and it is how you accept or reject the independent valuation of your reactor animals.”

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“To arrange a valuation, a department of Agriculture officer will call you and ask you to select an independent valuer. The valuer will call to you to value your animals at a mutually agreeable time. The valuation will occur within three working days.”

“The valuer will take into account your animals age, breed and genetics and will carry out a visual assessment looking at overall physical presentation, locomotion and body condition. You will receive the valuation report within two working days of the valuation. You must accept or reject the valuation with 4 working days by sending in your signed ER26X and V8.”

“You will receive a cheque from the factory for the salvage value of your animals after they are slaughtered. Before your compensation can be paid, you must forward the original factory remittance slip, along with your tax clearance details and the ER64 form regarding cleaning and disinfection.”

Other supports

An income supplement support is also available to farmers who lose more than 10% of their herd. You don’t need to apply for payment supplementation separately, the payment will apply automatically if you meet the criteria.

The rates for this support is as follows:

€55 per dairy animal per month;

€38.09 per suckler animal per month;

€38.09 per suckler animal per month.

If your TB breakdown occurs between the 1st of November and the 30th of April, you may be eligible for a hardship grant. Details on how to apply can be found at your local regional veterinary office.

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