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VIDEO: Grip a bale at any angle!

JM Agri-Design is the brainchild of Joe Moynihan, a qualified engineer, from Derrymore East, Tralee, Co. Kerry, who has a vision to provide new, innovative practical solutions for farmers and contractors, writes Catherina Cunnane.

The Tralee IT agricultural engineering graduate, who grew up on a family farm, worked as a design engineer with Dairymaster before venturing to Australia.

When he returned to his native home soil, he secured a position with an agri-business in Co. Mayo before he established his own company in 2015.

JM Agri-Design, which operates nationwide and overseas, specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment, with a view to increasing productivity and creating an easier working environment for clients.

TR range of bale handlers

Joe highlighted that his patented TR range of bale handlers have the ability to outperform alternative designs, in both speed and ease of operation.

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Moynihan explained that these bale handlers make loading and unloading wrapped or unwrapped round or square bales, easy and efficient.

There are three different models in the range; TR-8 Double Bale Handler, TR-3 Single Bale Handler and TR-4 Single Bale Handler.

The TR-3, the most popular model in the range, is designed for tractor loaders, while the TR-4 is for commercial loaders; these handlers are up to 25% more efficient for both loading/unloading when compared to conventional bale handling systems.

Meanwhile, the TR-8 model, he explained, includes an in-cab control box, which allows for independent arm control. “The TR-8 is 110% more efficient for both loading and unloading bales than conventional loader-mounted single bale handlers.”

“With his model, a 14-bale trailer could be off-loaded in less than three minutes.” the Kerry native explained.

“The TR-8 double-bale handler is the fastest method of moving both round and square bales on the market.”

One of its key features is a patented over-arm design, which incorporates rotating rollers and a check valve. Two large rotating rollers ensure bales are handled without risk of damaging plastic wrap.

A check valve ensures a consistent grip is maintained on bales at all times, resulting in safe transportation and minimum damage.

The bale handler reduces the risk of damage to plastic bale wrap, due to its ability to grip a round bale on flat faces. “Our bale handlers can grab a round bale from any angle because of its over-arm design, which makes it different from our competitors.”

“The over-arm also allows the bale handler to easily slide in between bales.”

This same feature, the entrepreneur explained, allows the TR to move stacked, settled bales for resale, without compromising the plastic wrap.

Market share

Nearly four years have passed since its established and the Kerry-based firm now has three employees with a handler sold in every county with

approximately 1,000 bale handlers in operation nationwide.

“We have a nice market share around Europe and the UK. We have been focusing on the home market, so developing and entering new markets is one of our main priorities at the moment.”

“A lot of our larger customers are coming back to us saying that 100,000 plus bales have gone through their bale handlers and they are still operating.” explained the designer of the time and money-saving range.

Implement adapter product

The company’s product portfolio now also includes an implement adapter product, which allows an operator to attach the same implements as a tractor loader to their loading shovel/teleporter.

“We will fit any industrial loader bracket required, allowing your loading shovel/teleporter to pick up all Euro 8 implements (standard euro bracket).


With a growing presence in Ireland and overseas, social media and attendance at machinery shows allow the company to showcase its innovations to its target audience.

“I took on the sales role within the company and I haven’t looked back. This allows me to deal directly with customers – we can keep in touch and seek feedback.” Joe explained. The company is currently preparing for some of the main events in the calendar this year including the Spring Farm Machinery Show which takes place in Cavan Equestrian Centre on Wednesday, January 29th and Thursday, January 30th and FTMTA Grass and Muck, which is set to return to Gurteen College on May 14th.

“Exciting times are ahead for JM Agri Design – we have more pieces of equipment, which are currently at the design stage, with a new product set to launch in summer 2020,” Joe concluded.


Social media

To seek further information, contact Joe Moynihan on 087-2193062, email – [email protected] – or visit his websiteFacebook and Youtube

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