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VIDEO: A 10-robot farm

Carsten Hedegaard from Christiansborg, Denmark has experienced great improvements since upgrading his automatic milking machines.

In 2019, his Lely Astronaut A2 milking robots were replaced by 10 new Lely Astronaut A5 milking robots.

The future

The Dane believes that keeping up with the latest technologies is key to staying competitive in the current climate for farming.

“You must be skilled, and you must further develop your skills throughout your life. Otherwise, you won’t survive. You can ask yourself – ‘Why choose a robot?’, and we chose it because we believe that automatic milking is the future.”


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The Lely machines have meant the farm has cut down on labour costs, reduced the cell-count of the cows and improved yields also.

“20 years ago, the A2s were fine because the requirements for cell count were not as high. After we got the A5’s, we have been in control of both cell count and bacterial count and the yield is increasing as well.”

“We had a cell-count of around 300,000 on the A2, now it’s down to 170,000,” he added.

Video source: Lely YouTube

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