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FRS Services come to Herdwatch app

Today’s farming routinely incorporates technology into its practices.

In the last decade, great strides have been made to help farmers manage their work and time.

With bigger installations such as GPS units to robotic milking parlours making an impact, it is also smaller installations like a farming app on a smartphone that can be of great benefit to farmers.

Herdwatch is a mobile farm management app that allows farmers to record their compliance requirements on the spot. The app is cloud-based and works fully offline, making it a truly valuable farm tool.

The app is constantly improving and adding new features. This is being undertaken so farmers can spend less time on farm paperwork and more time on things that really matter to them.

FRS services 

Herdwatch has announced that its members can now order services from FRS Fencing and FRS Farm Relief through its app.

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So the next time farmers require FRS Fencing or FRS Farm Relief, all they have to do is send a request directly to their local FRS co-op through the Herdwatch app, anytime, anywhere.

Providing the skills and services, which customers need to manage their farms efficiently, effectively, and successfully; FRS Farm Relief offers general farm work, relief milking, hoof care, calf dehorning and pregnancy scanning among other services.

FRS Farm Relief is committed to providing a top-quality service to farmers. Operators are selected and trained to the highest standards to meet the needs of farmers.

On the Herdwatch app, farmers can also find out more about the FRS Membership Benefit Scheme. They can also let FRS know that they are available to work for FRS.

Fencing service

FRS Fencing provides a contract fencing service and DIY fencing supplies nationwide. Offering a supply and erect service of a wide range fencing for agricultural & equine, residential, industrial & security, sport & recreation, local authorities and public works.

Through the Herdwatch app, farmers can engage the services of FRS Fencing and also apply for fencing work.

Once farmers submit their request, their local FRS Farm Relief or FRS Fencing coordinator will contact them to confirm their request and order, simple. This feature is available as part of the basic plan on the newly launched Herdwatch NextGen app.

More information

Click the link to find out more about Herdwatch or to download the app,

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