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Woman becomes trapped under tractor

Dover Township Fire Department were recently called to the scene of a farm accident.

The incident occurred at around 7 pm on Saturday, May 23rd.

They received an emergency call that a tractor was on top of a female’s head.

Emergency service workers arrived at the scene to find a “medium sized front end loader style tractor with a box plow on the back.”

The tractor was on top of the patient from the hip area down. Her ankle was completely under the back tire.

Wet conditions

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A fire department spokesperson reported that the ground conditions were wet, which meant that the full weight of the tractor was not felt by the patient.

However, these muddy conditions made the extrication difficult for emergency services. As the crew tried to lift the tractor, the cribbing began to sink into the mud. They had to place a number of pieces of wood on the ground in order to create a solid base so that the tractor could be lifted.

The ordeal lasted for a total of 28 minutes and the patient was airlifted to hospital. She is believed to be in a stable condition.

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