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When your neighbour transitions to dairy

With a lot of farmers having transitioned to dairy since the abolition of quotas, some of their neighbours have watched on in disgust, with some branding them as ‘sell-outs’.

Let’s take a look inside the mind of some of those people:

  • “Oh, he’ll be sorry.”
  • “He won’t have time to go to mass.”
  • “He has no shortage of money anyway…”
  • “He’ll be back, they always end up back where they started.”
  • “What the hell is my young fella doing over there? He better not be getting ideas.”
  • “Liquid gold? More like white slurry..”
  • “I wonder has he any colostrum for me?”
  • “Next thing he will be looking to buy my place. I’d like to see him try.”
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