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What Irish people really mean when they say…

  • It’s only a quick spin down the road – It’s about 50kms away!
  • I am nearly there – I haven’t even started the car
  • I’m only going for half-an-hour – I’m going to be the last to leave
  • Grand – not okay at all
  • I will, of course – Definitely not!
  • That’s grand – it will do!
  • I’ll get back to you – You won’t be hearing from me again! It will do – it’s very unsuitable
  • I’ll do that straight away – Come back to me in a fortnight or so!
  • You look fantastic – you look under the weather!
  • We will have one pint – Make that five or six?
  • Sure, that’s that – End of conversation
  • I won’t hold you up any longer – I want to end the conversation
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