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How much should I pay to mow, bale, wrap and stack silage this year?

2020 sees contractors quoting an average of a 5% increase in charges which have been “rounded off” to meet the increases in costs of machinery, fuel, insurance and labour, according to the Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI). 

The association has published its contracting charges guide for 2020, as reported by us here

It says it is satisfied that this averaged price guide will act as a “fair and reasonable” guide for both contractors and farmers.

These guide figures are produced on an annual basis and are compiled by collating an average figure for each operation from a panel of FCI members from across Ireland.

“Because of the local differences, the actual guide charge may vary considerably between regions, across soil types, due to factors such as distance travelled, size of contract undertaken, size and type of equipment used, supply of fuel, as well as the amount of product spread,” the FCI said in a statement. 

The FCI outlined that prices are shown as a guide only, plus VAT at 13.5% and per area or per hour and include operator, unless otherwise stated. 

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The association stated that prices are based on green diesel at 70c/L. 


  • Bale, wrap, stack and move (including plastic 4 layers, extra layers additional cost) – €14-€15/bale;
  • Bale, wrap, stack and move (excluding plastic) – €11-€12/bale;
  • Bale and wrap (including plastic 4 laters, extra layers additional cost) – €11-€12/bale;
  • Bale and wap including combinations (excluding plastic) – €9-€9.50/bale;
  • Baling silage (4×4) – €5.50/bale;
  • Mow, bale and wrap (including plastic 4 layers, extra layers additional cost) – €16-€18/bale;
  • Mow, bale and wrap (excluding plastic) – €13-€15/bale;
  • Wrap 4×4 (excluding plastic) – €3.00-€3.50/bale;
  • Bale transport – €66/hour or €3.50-€5.00/bale;
  • Bale stacking – €60-€65/hour;
  • Large square bales of silage (6x4x3) – €9/bale 
  • Large 5x3x2 silage bales wrapped – €13/bale. 

Last year’s guideline charges can be found here

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