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What COVID-19 has done to the farming community

Some farmers have started doing things they have never done before since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed. 

Here is a list (with a humourous spin) of some of the stranger tendencies we have seen farmers adopt during the current pandemic:

  1. Drinking an unhealthy amount of milk from the tank every day in preparation for a possible disruption in milk collection;
  2. Planting vegetables that they wouldn’t even eat on a normal day, just in case…;
  3. Spreading slurry dangerously close to holiday homes;
  4. Doing the accounts before they are due (We are just as shocked as you are);
  5. Buying smaller quantities of inputs each time they go to the co-op, just as an excuse to get out of the yard more often;
  6. Complaining that there are too many hours in a day (one for the history books);
  7. Replaying recordings of an auctioneer in action to battle the mart withdrawals;
  8. Disinfecting the dog when he comes home from the neighbours.

If you want to see a list of distinguishing features of a group of people, email [email protected] 

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