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‘We would like to give the opportunity to a child with an illness to have their wish come true’

Five fifth-year students are raising funds for Make-A-Wish Ireland as part of their journey as finalists in the 2019 Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools’ Competition.

The students at Sligo Grammar School were among those awarded five Irish Angus calves to rear until November 2020.

Speaking to That’s Farming, the students said: “We have decided to raise money for Make-A-Wish as becoming finalists in this competition was our wish and it came true!”

“In this competition, we have had the opportunity to have fun and experience so many great things.”

“It’s been a great adventure so far! We’re so grateful for this and we would like to give the opportunity to a child with an illness to have their wish come true and have a really fun adventure like we’ve had the opportunity to do so.”


Due to the global health pandemic, the student’s planned fundraisers had to be cancelled, but they have sought an alternative approach to raise funds for their chosen charity.

They have created a GoFundMe page and have raised over €1,200 to date. “We just want to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the farmers who are working hard, ensuring that our country still has groceries in our shops and keeping our production system going.”

“We appreciate the work that you are all doing and we are so fortunate to have a nation of hardworking farmers. Thank you to the Irish Angus Producer Group, ABP and Kepak for giving us this opportunity through the 2019 Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition.

“We are so lucky to have a platform to be able to do charity work such as this. Thank you to our teacher, Miss Higgins, and our school for continuous support – even through quarantine.”

“Finally, a big thank you to all who have donated so far – we know these are challenging times and we are so grateful for your support, donation and thank you to the Make-A-Wish Foundation that make wishes come true for all those who deserve it most.”

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