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‘We will be looking for you if you leave the road in a mess’

A spokesperson for PSNI Armagh is urging all motorists to exercise caution during the slurry spreading season.

In a post on social media, they said: “So the slurry ban was lifted a month ago and to be fair the weather hasn’t been great to get much of the old smelly stuff put out, but we have it on good authority that it gives a half-decent week, so I anticipate we will see these things of beauty a bit more on the roads.”

The spokesperson issued the following advice for farmers, contractors, tractor drivers and “general tangs”. 

  • If there’s a queue behind you, pull in;
  • When you come out of the field, don’t bring half of it with you. We will be looking for you if you leave the road in a mess;
  • Make sure all lights, indicators and beacons are working, and turn your “ploughing light” off when you are on the road;
  • Make sure your licence covers you to drive that vehicle;
  • Have the proper insurance etc in place.

Other road users are being advised to;

  • Have patience – these vehicles are slower than you. They are also longer than your average vehicle for overtaking;
    Read the road and the vehicle’s actions.
  • “Did you know that tractors have magical powers? They turn into fields.” the social media post concluded.

Image source: PSNI Armagh Facebook


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