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Ways you can tell you’re a sheep farmer

Sheep farming is an industry that often splits opinion and, as the saying goes, – ‘you either love them or hate them.’

For those that do love sheep, there are a few key traits that are inevitably picked up from their time spent in the job.

Here are some key features that you may notice in a sheep farmer:

  • You’re the fittest farmer in the area, from running after them when they break out;
  • Your first language is whistling rather than English, from all the time spent with the dog;
  • You dish out pet lambs as Christmas and birthday presents;
  • Your fencing is so good that even you can’t leave the farm;
  • You spend more time with your dog than your family;
  • You can never rest easy, whether it be lambing, foxes or broken fences;
  • You have taken up knitting as a solution to recent wool prices;
  • Counting sheep keeps you up rather than making you fall asleep.
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