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Ways you can tell you’re missing show season

The show season means a lot to some people, and the withdrawals are clear to see since the coronavirus put a stop to them.

If you show any of these symptoms, seek help in the form of a mug of tea and a 1st place rosette.

  1. You have a little smell of the rosettes ever morning, just to remind you of the adrenaline rush;
  2. You burst into tears every time you see the white coat;
  3. You have started clipping your own hair instead of the cattle;
  4. You have started halter training the dog;
  5. You wake up screaming every night, after having a nightmare that shows will never return;
  6. You have been re-watching videos of old shows, reminiscing on a past life;
  7. You haven’t slept in weeks, all that cash sitting in the mattress is taking its toll;
  8. You stopped watching the news, you can’t take any more bad news.
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