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Wanted: Farmers looking to get their dairy stock contract-reared in 2021

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An increasing number of dairy farmers are looking to engage with other farmers to rear their replacement heifers for them.

Irish Farm Services specialises in organising contract rearing arrangements between dairy farmers and interested parties.

It is looking to link up dairy farmers with competent rearers and have all necessary agreements in place before the calving season arrives in early 2021.

“We specialise in this area and have vast experience in what makes these collaborations work well in order for both parties and their families to reap the benefits.”

“We link both farmers and rearers and act as a facilitator when drawing up and the for the term of the contract.”

What is contract rearing?

Contract rearing involves the movement of replacement heifers from the owner’s farm for rearing on contract by another experienced grassland and livestock farmer.

This will release land on the dairy farm for milk production. With the onset of constraints under the nitrates derogation, land availability and stocking density issues are becoming very apparent.

Enquiries from former beef and retiring dairy farmers 
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“Here at www.irishfarmservices.ie we are getting lots of enquiries from former beef farmers and retiring dairy farmers looking to source dairy stock to rear under contract rearing agreements.”

“We have large numbers of competent livestock farmers nationwide looking to rear these stock under various arrangements.”

These include, the spokesperson pointed out, from rearing calves from ten days of age to taking on weaned calves and returning them in-calf to the owner prior to calving down.

Benefits of contract rearing to dairy farmers in addition to releasing land for milk production outlined by the company:
  • It can free up labour to specialise more on dairying;
  • Reduce nitrates loading on milking platform.;
  • It can suit farms where heifers are failing to achieve the performance levels required;
  • Can reduce capital investment in calf housing, as contract heifer rearers have some excellent facilities;
  • It can suit farms where livestock accommodation is limited;
  • Calf rearing and calf housing will become very much part of quality assurance going forward with strict animal welfare regulations.
More information

For more information, email – info@irishfarmservices.ie – phone: 087-7554200 or click here.

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