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VIDEO: Why you never park in a farmer’s field

A driver in the UK has been met by an unwelcome surprise I recent days.

The owner of a Mercedes car parked up in a farmer’s field and reportedly headed off to the beach.

The owner of the field was spreading slurry on this particular day and he decided to let the car owner know that he wasn’t impressed with his parking.

The tractor and tanker drove alongside the car and covered it in slurry. In the video, the farmer remarks: “I hope you have as much fun your car as I’m going to have painting it for ya.”

The video of the incident has been shared across social media. One twitter commented on the video, saying: “If you’re going to the beach and there’s nowhere to park, don’t illegally use a farmers field…especially when they are spreading slurry.”

If you cannot view the video, click here.

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