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VIDEO: ‘The weather could affect you more so than the price’

Francis Nolan became a dairy entrant in 2012 and began milking up to 55 cows the following year.

The farm, which is based in Muckalee, Co. Kilkenny, is now home to a 130-strong herd.

The Open Source Future Farm Programme participant has focused on reseeding over the past number of years and plans to prioritise this, along with soil fertility, going forward.

His goals include growing more grass and becoming more efficient and sustainable. “With climate change and environment coming down the road, there will be more regulations and we have to be able to farm in a commercial way and being environmentally friendly along with that.”

As the holing is located 90ft above sea level, adverse weather conditions can cause issues for the Kilkenny native. “The wet weather does not suit us here – it can be tough at times.”

Video produced and edited by Teagasc

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