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VIDEO: Cancer patients appeal for people to stay at home

The Irish Cancer Society has urged people to do their bit and self-isolate in order to save those with cancer that already have a low immune system.

They have released a video, titled “My Life Matters”, where cancer patients from across the country urge people to protect them.

My life matters

Here are some of the people that appear in this video to tell their story and urge the public to help them.


“My name is Vicky Phelan and I am living with stage 4 cervical cancer. I’ve been living with cancer for quite a number of years now at this stage and I know all about having to isolate myself when my immune system is down.”

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“So the coronavirus has forced me to self-isolate again but I’m really asking people to do their bit to try and protect people like me because my life matters.”


“Hi, my name is Pádraig and I am 9-years-old. I’m currently receiving treatment for neuroblastoma and my life matters. To help protect me from coronavirus, please stay inside and keep washing your hands and help stop the spread.”

Cancer patients

Those with cancer are at high risk in relation to the coronavirus and need to be protected. Professor Roisin Connolly, a medical oncologist in Cork University Hospital, said: “From an oncology perspective, this is very, very new for everyone. It is becoming clear from recent international experience that we need to consider that certain patients with cancer may be more at risk from this virus than the general population.”

“It is extremely important for everyone to keep their social interactions to a minimum as others may be harbouring the virus without even knowing it. People should keep washing hands regularly during the day including before and after eating; keep their hands away from the eyes, nose and mouth; and cough into their sleeve.”

For more information, click here.

Video source: Irish Cancer Society YouTube

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