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VIDEO: Milking 300 cows and rearing all calves to beef

Edward Hennesy milks 300 cows in Co. Kilkenny, with all calves being reared to beef.

He also has 150 acres of tillage, mostly growing crops to feed his own animals.

Edward decided to join the Twenty20 Beef Club in order to get a better price for his beef and get more market stability. He said: “For the last couple of years, I felt that the market was so unsure, you didn’t know where you stood when you were finishing the calves that you reared.”

“At least this way, I know what price I can’t go below in price,” he concluded.

The Twenty20 Beef Club was created to sustainably produce and market Irish heifer and steer beef, involving a predictable pricing model and other premiums. A programme spokesperson said that this will provide farmers with greater certainty to invest in growing their beef enterprise as well as taking a longer-term view of their business.

Video source: Glanbia Connect Facebook

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