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VIDEO: ‘It takes approximately 1-minute to spread a bale’

A self-loading bedding machine, which is suitable for both round and square bales, is proving to be a game-changer on a farm in the UK.

Speaking to That’s Farming, the owners of Banks Farm, said: “When looking into options for bedding machines these are what you’re faced with: I feel a straw blower is too loud, too dusty and uses too much diesel for my system.”

“I think if you have feed yards, adult cattle and passageways – they’re great, but with buildings and yards, no passageways, baby calves, young calves and old cows – I feel the dust and noise could potentially hinder growth and health.”

£5,500 machine

In response to these challenges, Banks Farm has designed a machine which is priced at £5,500 (approximately €6,130). “It is self-loading so just need to have bales ready on the floor. It takes approximately 1-minute to spread a bale.”

“So, bale spike unroller – fairly fanciable, but doesn’t evenly spread and puts a lot of stress on the loader with the weight movements.”

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“This design is light, with a clean spread, is very quiet and has very low dust. You have to enter the building, but I’m able to with my set-ups.” the owner of Banks Farm concluded. 

More information

For further information, please see Bank Farm’s Facebook page here.

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