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VIDEO: How to stay safe when agitating slurry

Slurry gas is lethal – just one breath can kill within seconds, therefore adequate safety precautions must be adhered to at all times when agitating slurry.

The gas is heavier than air and at high concentrations has no smell, is invisible and lethal.

The Health and Safety Authority (HAS) has released a video of guidelines to follow when agitating slurry.

The measures to be taken are as follows:

  • Check the weather forecast and only agitate on windy days;
  • Remove all livestock and control pets;
  • Open all doors and control access;
  • Stay away for 30 minutes during agitation;
  • Work upwind at all times;
  • Do not enter tanks, even when empty;
  • Keep tank openings secure at all times;
  • If possible, avoid agitating alone.

The HSA stress the importance of safety when agitating, and wish to remind farmers: “Just one breath of slurry gas can kill.”

Image and video source: HSAchannel YouTube

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