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VIDEO: How to manage surplus grass

Good weather in recent weeks has brought an increase in grass growth rate, which means there will now be a surplus on many farms.

Ciaran Lynch, Teagasc Sheep Specialist, said that this presents a challenge in terms of balancing the supply and maintaining quality for subsequent rotations, but it does present us the opportunity to remove some of the surplus with baled silage.

In this video, Lynch said: “On many sheep farms, the situation we’re seeing is farmers grazing covers that are too high, and overall supply is in excess of 30 days ahead.”

“The challenge for farmers now is if they don’t address these problems, you’re going to end up with lower quality swards in subsequent rotations, you’re going not going to graze out effectively and other paddocks in the rotation will also get ahead.”

Take a look at this video as Lynch reveals his advice on managing this problem.

Video source: Teagasc YouTube

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