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VIDEO: How a well-equipped handling yard makes life easier for this farmer

Neil Doherty’s handling yard contains some features which make working with cattle easier.

Livestock can be moved from any shed to the facility via a purpose-built alley.

An entrance gate can be fixed to prevent a blind corner and can also be used to confine an animal.

The head gate is located at the near end and has slots to allow a head-scoop to be attached, while bars can be detached to allow better access.

Other features

The crush has lights overhead, which allows Doherty to work after dark.

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A gate at the exit can divert animals back into the yard or they can return back to the sheds.

There is also a one-way gate midway down the crush for working with smaller groups of cattle and a guillotine gate at the rear; another gate is used to create a forcing pen.

A sheeted gate provides access to a loading pen, with double gates to ease loading onto trailers.

A lockable fridge is on the platform, for the purpose of storing medicines. Hot water, soap and paper towels can also be provided when required.

All blind corners have been removed and exit gates are sheeted to maintain movement.

An anti-backing gate has been introduced to the farm to facilitate AI.

Main image and video source: Teagasc Sligo/ Leitrim/Donegal / Youtube 

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