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VIDEO: Farming 6,000 cattle, 54,000 pigs, 400,000 and 10,700 hectares

Krone is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its BiG X with a series of testimonials from various countries, in which their customers share their experiences.

One such enterprise is the Zorja farm in southern Belarus, which is one of the largest in the Gomel region, being home to 6,000 cattle, 54,000 pigs, 400,000 chickens and 10,700 hectares of agricultural land.

The fleet includes 100 tractors, as well as approximately 70 trucks and cars. They also have 14 high horsepower tractors, 12 combine harvesters and 3 forage harvesters; a BiG X 700 and a BiG X 800 are available for the forage harvest.


In this video, Ruslan Viktorovich, vice-manager of the cropping at the farm, gives an insight into the feed production. “Our main goals are cost-effective production and profitability by processing and marketing our products through our own distribution channels.”

“The task of the cropping business is to provide all feedstuff that are necessary for the large number of animals.”

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“We have to provide high-quality forage at high qualities in a very timely manner. “At least 40,000 tonnes of silage, approximately 2,000 tonnes of hay and 10,000 tonnes of grass silage.”

The forage, he added, must be high-quality, so the farm can maintain high milk production rate of approximately 9,500L/cow/year.

Main image and video source: KRONE T-Vision International / YouTube. 

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