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VIDEO: Farmers unite to recite COVID-19 poem

Former UFU President, Graham Furey, has written a poem to highlight how farmers across the six counties and from every commodity will keep on farming throughout this coronavirus pandemic.

The poem was recited by a number of UFU members across the 6 counties and this recital was published in a recent video.

Commenting on this video, a UFU spokesperson said: “As primary producers, they will continue to produce quality food to some of the highest standards in the world so that shops remain stocked and consumers can pick up the essential groceries they need, when they need them.”

“We’re all in this together.”

The poem

The poem written by Furey is as follows:

In these difficult days of COVID-19,

There are many heroes working unseen,

From NHS to emergency teams,

To N.I. farmers just as we’ve always been.


No need to panic, local food for all,

No work too hard, no task too small.


With veg and potatoes planted, some rain to fall,

A bountiful crop is promised for all.

The dairy farmer with his grazing cows,

Provides daily milk for the here and now.


Feeding suckler cows and sheep to produce the very best beef and lamb,

Poultry and sows producing chicken and ham.


Up on the hills livestock and renewable energy do blend,

With the natural environment on which we all depend.

While in the valleys below the crops we grow,

The cereals and fruit, a healthy combination you know.


The friendly farm shop who will deliver local traceable food,

In these difficult times it will do you good.


While volunteers young and old will allay your fears,

And deliver your groceries and medication so no more tears,

We farmers of the 6 counties will provide,

Your nutritional needs from far and wide,


And along with others we will not hide,

But come out of this pandemic on the other side.

Image and video source: Ulster Farmers’ Union Facebook

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