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VIDEO: ‘Even the toughest cows can lose the battle to Babesiosis’

Cavan-based vet, Gerard McGovern, was recently called to a farm to treat a Friesian cow with babesiosis, also known as redwater disease.

He provided some further information about the case involving the dairy cow on his popular Instagram account, which boasts over 32,000 followers.

Friesian cow 

“Even the toughest cows can lose the battle to Babesiosis (redwater disease), even when diagnosed early and receive intensive treatment, including blood transfusions, oral and intravenous fluids, vitamins and specific antiprotozoal therapies.”

“And then there are the iron maidens, the real tough cookies, like this Friesian cow.”

“Presenting with typical signs of Babesiosis…anaemia, tachycardia, weakness, mucus-covered hard faeces but crucially, no haemoglobinuria.”

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“She is one of the small percentage of animals, that manage to survive the acute, haemolytic phase of the disease, despite major blood loss and go on to fight the next battle.”

The cow was treated with B vitamins, B12, oral fluids, rumen stimulant, laxative and given antibiotic therapy.

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Iron maiden

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