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VIDEO: Dutch farmers take tractors to city

Thousands of farmers descended upon The Hague earlier today (February 19th) in the latest of a series of protests against government plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide.

The demonstration was staged just one day before the matter is set to be debated in parliament. 

In a statement ahead of the protest, which was organised by Farmers Defence Force, a spokesperson said: “Almost nothing has been done with the LC plan.”

“Areas are being emptied and nature is made later, as a result, of which the circle around the nature area is becoming larger and the farmers there will be emptied again in the future … etc.” 

The organisation is also calling for a “better” revenue model. “There is no mention of prices, but there is a risk that you have to leave for half the money, because your location is no longer a future for your company and your company is, therefore, halved in price!”

“No money has yet been arranged for mink farming! Plant protection products are still banned in the Netherlands.” 

“Fertilisation standard for phosphate must reach 2019 levels: 50 kg per ha instead of the 40 kg that was pushed through in 2020! Nitrogen policy is nonsense and has no effect at all.”


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“Warriors, we have never asked you for no reason to get on the tractor and demonstrate with us.” 

“There was always a reason for it. Thanks to your support, we have already achieved great success. This nut is harder to crack, but we also want to go as far as possible with you.” 

“We are farmers. What we prefer to do is work at home on the farm, but then politicians know what to do with us. We are aware of this. Now we have to fight.” the spokesperson concluded. 

Image source: Farmers Defence Force 

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