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VIDEO: Dry cows up €50-€60/hd at Carnew

More farmer customers made their presence felt at Carnew Mart’s cattle sale on Saturday (April 25th), according to David Quinn.

The mart manager outlined that, in general, cattle prices increased by 10c/kg.

He noted that ‘grass buyers’ were in the market for bullocks, heifers and bulls. An improvement in the price of beef and forward-stores was also witnessed.

“Our dearest cattle sale of recent times with small numbers with 500 cattle on offer.” Quinn said.

Bullocks and bull weanlings

In general, quality store bullocks sold from €2.20-€2.50/kg, while forward entries climbed from €1.80-€2.25/kg. Quality bull weanlings ranged from €2.00-€2.60/kg, with plainer-types from €1.90-€2.10/kg.

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Dry cows and sucklers

Friday (April 24th) saw some 100 dry cows and sucklers on offer. Quinn said dry cows improved by €50-€60/hd.

The majority of Friesian cows sold from €100-€200 over the kg, while continental entries peaked at €400 weight the weight; suckler pairings fetched from €1,000-€1,600.


Quinn pointed out that 350 calves met with a full clearance last Wednesday (April 22nd).


The mart also held its first dairy sale under Covid-19 restrictions on Tuesday (April 21st) with up to €1,810 for freshly-calved dairy cow-heifers; entries generally sold from €1,400-€1,700.

Image source: Carnew Mart Facebook

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