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VIDEO: 500 cows, 7 robots

Arjan Van Adrichem from Togari, Tasmania, has a 500 cow dairy farm and has implemented a robotic system by investing in 7 Lely Astronaut robots.

They started 10 years ago with 2 robots initially, but after purchasing a neighbouring farm they were able to increase cow numbers.

In this video Arjan discusses the robustness of the robots, as he trains 130 heifers in it every year who “kick everything like you would not believe”, before explaining the reasons for the change in grazing system, going from an ABC system to an ABCD system.


The cows are being milked up to 4 times a day with this system and Arjan said that this has made a difference to the health and the longevity of his cows.

“They don’t have the same pressure on their udders, which leads to less mastitis. One thing we have always appreciated is cow longevity, we like to get our cows to 8 or 9 years old because their best production is in that 6th or 7th year.”

Video source: Lely YouTube

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