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Vets earning less than €35,000 are ‘mostly’ female in companion animal & mixed practices

Newly published research from the advisory firm, HLB Ireland, shows that the highest earners in Ireland’s veterinary industry are mostly practice owners and around half work more than 50 hours per week.

Those earning less than €35,000 are mostly female employees in companion animal and mixed practices, working 31-40 hours per week, findings in the Veterinary Practice Survey 2023 highlight.

35% of survey respondents revealed that they have a pre-tax earning of €100,000+, while the next largest cohort – 23% – outlined that they have pre-tax earning of between €50,000-€74,000.

Meanwhile, 17% said they fall between €75,000-€99,000 before tax deductions, a further 8% outlined that they earn less than €35,000, and 6% preferred not to answer this question in HBL Ireland’s survey.

Working hours

The industry’s staff shortages, long hours and heavy workloads, particuarly in smaller practices, have been highly publicised, and this survey honed in on working hours, aspirations and job satisfaction.

Almost 25% of vets, who participated in the latest round of this research, work more than 60 hours a week and almost 75% work more than 40 hours.

Practice owners, the results highlighted, are putting in the longest hours.

Some revealed that they are “managing to retain employees by never refusing requests for a day off and limiting the requirement for employees to be available for on-call duty”.

1% of vets said they work less than 20 hours per week, 7% work between 21-30 hours weekly, 19% work between 31-40 hours per week, 21% work between 41-50 hours weekly, 28% work between 51-60 hours per week and 24% of vets surveyed work 60+ hours.

Work-life balance

64% of vets said a work/life balance is the most important career aspiration for them, while 16% said funding a comfortable retirement, 12% opted for growing your own practice, 2% of vets said owning their own practice, and 6% chose other.

88% of vets revealed that they are more than 50% satisfied with their current line of work, with a mere 6% outlining that they are 0-29% satisifed with their job.

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