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5 of the best viral vet vloggers

Viral vet vloggers

As part of their Vloggers’ Success Files, Business Name Generator has revealed five of the very best veterinarian vloggers on TikTok.

Below That’s Farming’s followers can read about five of the best vet vloggers on TikTok at the moment.

In 2023, YouTubers and TikTokers are the new celebrities, with some of the most successful current stars starting out their careers on social media.

However, these social media platforms are not just filled with online gamers and glamorous lifestylers, as people from all walks of life have attracted a following of their own.

Veterinarians are getting in on the action, too; in fact, TikTok is vibrant with vet videos, ranging from medically informative and educational to cute and cuddly content.

  1. Dr Hunter Finn:

TikTok: Followers: 2.1M & likes: 48.6M

The Texas-based vet is a TikTok influencer in his own right, with an astonishing 2.1 million followers to his name. The animal health expert’s content is equally full of humour as it is useful information for pet owners everywhere.

  1. Cat the Vet

TikTok followers: 323.5K & likes: 10.1M

With a name like Cat, this terrific TikTok vlogger was simply born to be a vet.

Englishwoman Cat keeps her content fun as well as informative with engaging graphics and emojis, and has gained plenty of attraction so far with 10.1 million likes on the platform and counting.

  1. Ben the Vet

TikTok followers: 139.3K & likes: 3.4M

Ben’s TikTok content features top veterinarian tips ranging from how to keep your dog safe on their walk in different weather conditions to UK welfare laws around keeping pets and everything in between.

The English vet has gained a staggering 3.4 million likes for his informative TikTok content.

  1. Dr Raven Sinclare

TikTok followers: 49K & likes: 1.1M

Living a double life as a vet and an actress, Los Angeles-based doctor, Raven Sinclare’s TikTok content is certainly entertaining.

Her content which has already amassed 1.1 million likes on TikTok, covers everything from the most common dog names to how to deal with dog dental disease.

  1. Jarlath Sutton

TikTok &  likes: 161.3K

If you wanted to find out what life was like for a vet working across farms in the rural south of Ireland, look no further than Jarlath Sutton, whose TikTok content contains informative and entertaining footage of lambs, calves, bulls and many more farmyard creatures.

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