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Photos: Gardaí seize tractor with four ‘unsafe’ tyres

Gardaí seized a tractor with “four unsafe tyres” in the south of the country in recent days.

Fermoy Gardaí brought the vehicle to a halt on Saturday morning (June 11th, 2022).

In a statement that afternoon, a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána Cork said:

“Fermoy Gardaí performing a checkpoint this morning observed this large agricultural vehicle being used with four unsafe tyres.”

“The condition of your tyres impacts the safe handling of your vehicle and your ability to maintain control or stop in an emergency.”

“This driver will be issued with fixed charge penalties for these offences and remained at the scene until the tractor could be transported safely,” the spokesperson concluded.

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According to the RSA, all your tyres must:

  • Be free from defects;
  • Meet the “correct” standard and size for your vehicle;
  • Be properly inflated;
  • Have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm.

The law states that it is a driver’s responsibility to ensure their vehicles meet the legal requirements and is in a roadworthy condition at all times.

The Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003 sets out requirements for tyre condition and tyre tread depth for vehicles for use on a public road.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the RSA (Road Safety Authority) said:

“If you drive with damaged or worn tyres, you are putting your own life and the life of others at risk. You also risk prosecution.”

“If you are convicted of the offence of driving with dangerous tyres, you could be fined up to €2,500, or receive a 3-month prison sentence, or both. You will also have five penalty points on your licence on conviction,” the spokesperson concluded.

Tractor with a load of bales crashes through descending barrier

In other news, in recent days, we reported that Irish Rail released footage highlighting numerous incidents at level crossings.

One of which was of a case in which a tractor towing a trailer-load of bales crashed through a descending barrier.

You can read more on this news article.

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