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VIDEO: Twisted calf bed

Tyrone-based vet, John Fitzpatrick, was recently presented with a case whereby a cow had a uterine torsion, also known as a twisted calf bed.

In a post on Instagram, he explained that it took 1 min and 40 seconds to resolve the case. “Took me the first minute to figure out it was going the less common way in this uterine torsion.”

“I’d say 9/10 need to be spun clockwise; this one was the 1/10 that needed to be spun anti-clockwise.”

“To farmers, twisted calf beds seem to happen in cattle that have been sore on a foot so constantly up and down, or cattle that have been recently moved.”

“I can spot one by the classic swollen ‘bearn’ at the back end.”

“If you ever suspect one don’t wait, put a hand in and check or phone your vet.” 

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