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VIDEO: Twenty20 Beef Club – Friesian steers get a bonus of €129

Glanbia and Kepak have teamed up to create the Twenty20 beef Club, with a purpose to deliver greater value to the farmer stakeholders for their beef animals.

Martin Ryan, head of beef for Glanbia said they will do that by creating certainty around the market, price predictability and offering a technical programme.

Twenty20 beef club

In a video produced by Glanbia, Ryan explains how the programme works. He said, “The technical programme helps the farmer produce the product more efficiently, which is synonymous with reducing its carbon footprint.”

 “From a consumer perspective, that’s a compelling offer, and that compelling offer produces a price premium in the market. Currently, that price premium is worth, on an Angus R- Steer with a fat grade of -4, €115 more than the market.

“If it was a Friesian steer grading a P+ 3+, then that would translate to a bonus of €129 over the market. So, it’s one of the great news stories from 2019 in the beef industry.”


There are some criteria that have to be met in order to take part in the programme. Martin Ryan discussed some of these in the video.

“There’s a number of requirements for calves entering the programme. The first is they must come from a Glanbia milk supplier. There’s additional value to be captured from making sure that calves coming into the programme are of a certain quality. It’s open to all breeds of calves except Jerseys and Jersey crosses.”

“The objective at the end of the day is to hit a carcass weight of 280kg to 360kg, and all the premiums are built on that. There’s a minimum of 25 animals as a requirement per member.”


Ross Brady, Twenty20 programme manager, Glanbia Ireland, outlined the supports farmers will get as part of the programme in order to meet the targets of the project.

“We hope to drive on-farm efficiency by providing club members with support in the areas of calf rearing, animal nutrition and diet formulation, soil nutrition, grassland management and animal health.”

Video source: Glanbia Connect Facebook

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