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Brisk trade for store heifers at Tullow

Trade was described as “brisk” by Eric Driver at Tullow’s cattle sale on Friday, February 7th.

The mart manager reported strong demand for both bullocks and heifers.


He outlined that Friesian-types and plainer Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford entries went under the hammer from €1.80-€2.00/kg, while continental entries, over 500kgs, climbed to €2.20/kg.

Driver reported that there was interest in lighter store bullocks. Continental entries in this ring fetched from €2.10-€2.65/kg – depending on quality and weight.

Hereford and Angus-type sold from a base of €2.00/kg while some lighter Friesians pushed from €1.85/kg.

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“A noticed demand around the ring for fleshed in-spec heifers.” explained Driver, who reported that these sold from €2.05-€2.20/kg.

He outlined that store heifers met with a brisk trade, with a base of €2.00/kg, for Hereford and Angus-types with up to €2.55/kg forked out for continentals.

Cull cows:

“No change here as we have seen in the last number of weeks.” Driver pointed out.

Friesian cows clicked from €150 over with up €350 paid for heavier, fleshed-types. Continental stores climbed from €200 over, with a top call of €750 with the kg recorded for heavier-types.


There was a large selection on offer in the calf ring, according to the mart manager.

Export-type Friesian calves range from €25-€80, while heavier, stronger-types peaked at €110/hd. Hereford and Angus heifer calves ranged from €150-€220/head, while Hereford and Angus bulls made from €190-€310.

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