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‘Tried and tested’ mart industry ‘will continue to pride itself on the ability to serve farmers’

Associated Livestock Marts (AMC) welcomes the moves made by the Department of Agriculture to allow marts to facilitate the trade and movement of livestock under strict guidelines.

In a statement to this public, a spokesperson for the association said: “It is very important that we continue to do everything possible to control the spread of Covid-19 virus, but in turn, marts have always played a pivotal role in the food chain.”

“The recognition of this by Minister Creed and the Department of Agriculture has allowed the Mart Industry to once again play its part in bringing stability to a sector in turmoil with stock to be traded.”

“Marts have and will continue to present a structure where both payment and ability to deliver correct movement information to competent authorities is foremost to our business.”

“We have seen the establishment of many forms of trading in recent times, but the Mart industry is tried and tested and will continue to pride itself on the ability to serve farmers with above-mentioned foundations foremost to our practice.”


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The responsibility is now with each mart to produce their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) outlining how they will put in practice their assembly and liveweight facilities.

This SOP, when agreed with the local veterinary office, will be the framework for delivering this “vital service” to farmers, the spokesperson added.

Marts will utilise guidelines from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to create their SOP.

“Safety of all patrons to the mart is foremost and it is imperative that all involved follow the direction as outlined in the individual SOP of each mart.” the spokesperson concluded.

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