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‘The majority of drivers of agricultural machinery are sticking to the rules’

“Concentrate on the job in hand,” is the key message that Gardaí have issued to tractor drivers and agricultural machinery operators this silage season.

The appeal comes following the issuing of several fixed charged penalty notices for road traffic-related offences in North Kilkenny last week.

The Roads Policing Inspector appeared on a local radio station in relation to agricultural vehicles involved in silage cutting.

In a statement on May 27th, 2022, a spokesperson for Garda Síochána Waterford/Kilkenny/Carlow, said:

“A number of these vehicles have been stopped so far today. Four fixed charge penalty notices for mobile phone offences have been issued as well as tax offences. These offences were detected in various parts of North Kilkenny.”

“As usual, the majority of drivers of agricultural machinery are sticking to the rules.”

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The spokesperson highlighted that other road users also should be aware that rules about safe overtaking of slower vehicles still apply, and that the road is “a space we all must share”.

Ag contracting rates in the UK

In other machinery-related news, the UK-based National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has released guide fees for agricultural contracting services in 2022.

It has warned farmers to expect an increase in charges this year because of “record high” fuel prices and escalating labour and machinery costs.

NAAC carried out the survey based on a pound per litre for fuel. It advised that farmers should be aware that a fuel surcharge may be necessary if prices continue to fluctuate.

The body that prices are likely to vary as input costs change. It has urged contractors to add a fuel surcharge if diesel prices are over £1.00/L to cover their costs.

A spokesperson said: “They are average prices surveyed from NAAC members. However, the actual price may vary considerably.”

“Contractors may also have individual arrangements with customers regarding diesel (eg. separate fuel surcharge, fuel used on-farm etc.).”

See tractor hire rates.

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