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How to choose the best toy for your dog

In this article, Irene looks at how to choose the best toy for your dog.

Besides helping dogs fight boredom, toys help your pet feel comfortable, especially in your absence. They also prevent them from developing specific problem habits.

Often, farm dogs are willing to play with any item they can lay their paws on. Before choosing a toy for your dog, consider the following factors.

Ensure they are the ideal size and texture

The dog toys you choose should be suitable for your dog’s size. For instance, balls should be big enough for the dog to carry. Avoid overly small balls because your dog can easily swallow them. Don’t buy non-dog-proof toys; remove any part that your dog can swallow, such as strings, eyes, pins, or ribbons, from toys.

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While some dog toys have a smooth texture, others feature nubs. Knowing how active your dog is and their chewing and playing habits help you choose the ideal toy size and texture.

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If your dog is a strong chewer, soft and plush toys may not be ideal.

Tough rubber dog toys are not suitable for puppies. Always check the product label for dog-size recommendations.

Consider the dog’s age

Dog toys for two or three weeks old puppies differ from what you would choose for your two-year-old dog.

Dog toys ideal for puppies are usually made of soft rubber or cuddly fabric. Soothing and soft dog chew toys are suitable for puppies between three to nine months. They can also help puppies during their teething stage.

After puppies outgrow the teething phase, their jaws become strong, and they can play with hard rubber toys, tennis balls, and rope-pull toys.

Avoid hollow ball toys since your dog can chew them through. Introduce toys with different surfaces and textures to acclimatize your pet to new toys, keeping them engaged.

Toy material

Dog toys are made of three core materials. The dog toy you choose should be made of the ideal material to suit your dog’s needs. These include:

Rope Toys

You can use rope dog toys to play fetch or tug-of-war with your dog. Apart from strengthening the bond between a dog and its owner, rope toys help curb overly enthusiastic behaviour in dogs.

  • Rubber or Latex

Many dog balls are made of rubber or latex material, making them fun and easy to play with and bounce.

  • Plush Toys

High-quality dog toys allow your pets to cuddle and snuggle. Puppies enjoy these toys during the teething stage.

Toy Types

Choosing the suitable toy for your dog can be challenging, with numerous types available. Knowing some of the toy types in the market can give you a head start. Popular dog toys include:

  • Tug Toys

Many dogs love playing tug of war with other dogs or their owners. However, some people warn against it because it can encourage aggression. Still, some experts say there is nothing to worry about, especially if the dog is already well-trained. When using tug toys, ensure the dog doesn’t tear them into pieces. These toys are usually made of fire hose, linen, rope, or leather. Replace them immediately if you notice signs of damage.

  • Balls

Different dog balls bounce differently. For instance, some glow in the dark, while others can float inside a pool. Balls are a great way of keeping your dog active. Choose the right ball size and ensure it’s made of durable material which the dog can chew without damage.

  • Chewables and Treats

While any object can be a chew toy, there are specially designed-toys for dogs to chew on. They are often made from hard rubber or nylon material.

Some of these toys are stuffed with treats for endless entertainment and training, while others are suitable as they are. The ideal chewable toy should be soft enough to chew yet durable enough to prevent them from breaking into pieces.


Choosing a suitable toy for your dog guarantees them a fun and safe playtime. Toys can also be training objects. Remember to change your dog’s toys once damaged to prevent injuries.

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