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5 of Thomas Skinner’s ‘maddest’ morning meals

Full-time business owner and part-time vlogger, Thomas Skinner, has taken Twitter and TikTok by storm during December because of the bizarre way he starts his day.

Each morning, the former The Apprentice contestant updates his followers with his plans for the day.

This includes his breakfast selections, which often consist of what most people consider an evening meal, including meat curries and even a whole Christmas dinner.

The videos have been a massive boost to the vlogger’s popularity, gaining him 45,000 Instagram followers over the last month.

Some hardcore fans have even tweeted that their “morning routine now consists of checking what Thomas Skinner had for breakfast”.

For business owners, building your personal brand through social media – no matter how crazy the content – can be a huge way to generate income.

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The more likes, views, and followers you have means more exposure for your business endeavours or other side hustles.

That is why the team at Business Name Generator has shared five of the maddest morning meals eaten by Thomas Skinner in December, plus the numbers the viral videos received on social media.

  1. Pie, Mash & Liquor with Lots of Vinegar – TikTok views: 409K

Served up at the very early hour of 7.36 am, fortunately, the liquor that comes with this pie and mash is non-alcoholic and is, in fact, a classic cockney dish.

As seen in this TikTok video, which received 409,000 views, ‘liquor’ is a green sauce made from fish stock, flour, and parsley.

It is clearly a favourite of Skinner’s, who eats it by the bucketload in this breakfast.

  1. Steak Pie with Mashed Potatoes and Veg – TikTok views: 338.5K

Who would want to start the day with a chunky slice of pie?

Uploaded on December 15th, this video of Thomas Skinner chowing down this bonkers breakfast racked up a whopping 338.5k TikTok views.

This hearty plate, consisting of a steak pie, mashed potatoes, carrots, and peas, all smothered in gravy, was served up to Skinner at the unfathomably early time of 5.37 am.

  1. Chicken Curry with Chips – TikTok views: 361.6K

Back in his favourite breakfast spot, Dino’s Cafe, Skinner had no problem chowing down a plate of chicken curry and chips before the clock even struck 7 am.

As Skinner smashes down this spicy curry, he delivers his usual motivational message to his subscribers.

If this man can mop up a curry for breakfast, then surely anyone can do anything!

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese – TikTok views: 294.6K

The morning after the World Cup final, Skinner opted to kickstart his day the Italian way, with a huge plate of Spag Bol at his favourite Dino’s Cafe.

Knocking back this delightful dish at 6:45 am, this video totalled 294,600 views on TikTok.

  1. Christmas Dinner – TikTok views: 217.7K

To mark December 1st in style, Skinner started his day in Dino’s Cafe with a full-on festive dinner featuring turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, gravy and veg – the works!

Clearly getting into the Christmas spirit early, this Christmas ‘dinner’ was plated up at 7.17 am and came accompanied by Skinner’s usual motivational message.

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