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Things you won’t hear a dairy farmer say

Most people will know a dairy farmer and know they have their own unique system and management style.

Each dairy enterprise does have some things in common, however, and with that, here are some phrases that you are unlikely to hear from them:

  1. I’m free all weekend;
  2. I think I’ll stretch out the calving this year;
  3. I just love freshly calved heifers;
  4. I think I might move to a set-stocked system;
  5. One cut of silage will do this year;
  6. I actually prefer them milking on 3-quarters;
  7. I have never had as much sleep as I have this spring;
  8. I would love a smaller parlour.
  9. It’s great to see them kicking in the parlour;
  10. The more meal I can give them, the better;
  11. To be honest, there are too many hours in the day;
  12. The calves are the real money-maker;
  13. That calving season wasn’t long enough;
  14. I’m trying to cut back on numbers;
  15. The grazing platform is far too big.
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