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What your choice of college course says about you

Studying ag science isn’t as simple as just studying ag science – there are many different denominations of the area to consider.

Here is a breakdown of the different areas you can study.

Animal and Crop Production

The elite of the ag science faculty, those who wish to stay away from the pigeonholing. Well actually, it’s just a group of people who couldn’t decide what route they wanted to go. The elite part is still true, nonetheless.

Animal Science

The death has occurred of your dream of becoming a vet. Ár dheis dé go raibh a anam. A large portion of this group wanted to use animal science as a stepping stone into veterinary medicine. A lot of the time, that dream has faded after 4 years in college, but in my experience a good number have gone on to do so.

For those that never had the veterinary dream: a strong choice of discipline.

Agri-Environmental Science

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Loves soil. That is all.

Dairy Business

Mainly made up of dairy farmers who will eventually go home and work their own land, this is a tight-knit group. A cult some may say, as once you’re in there’s no getting out. Some of the more friendly people you’ll meet on campus though.

Equine Science

The horsey-people. I’m not sure what’s involved in this course, but I’ll never be mistaken about the passion for horses.


I have never met someone studying forestry that had experience with trees before, so the reasons for choosing it is beyond me. It seems like a good course though, with good job prospects at the end, so it seems like a good choice to me.

Similarly to dairy business, plenty of very nice people in this course.

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