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The thoughts of a motorist stuck behind a tractor

Road rage – a common feeling amongst all road users when things are not working out as planned.

Living in the country, much of that rage arises from obstacles on your routes, such as cyclists, loose animals or tractors.

When stuck behind a tractor and that road rage kicks in, here are some thoughts that may go through your head:

  1. “Do you even know how to drive that thing?”;
  2. “This is great, not like I have anywhere to be”;
  3. “That thing definitely has a 50k box”;
  4. “It won’t kill you to pull in”;
  5. “I’d be quicker on my bike at this rate”;
  6. “At the speed you’re going you must be getting paid by the hour or something”;
  7. “Does he know there’s more than 1 gear on that yoke?”;
  8. “If I knew you were going to be out I would have stayed at home altogether.”
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