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The farming wardrobe

The farming wardrobe

With the conditions farmers work in, the variety of clothes that can be worn is limited.

That is not to say that we all dress the same, quite the opposite actually.

If you ever thought it was impossible to identify a farmer by his clothing choice, you are about to be proven wrong.

Here it is:

  1. Overalls – A staple of the farming wardrobe, worn daily by those who have a habit of breaking things and expect to get dirty;
  2. Checked shirt – Always the cleanest looking, usually from doing nothing all day;
  3. Shorts – Worn by only the bravest farmers. Why pay for a tattoo when you can have slurry permanently buried in your leg?
  4. Jeans – Good in cold and warm weather, doubles up as a hand cloth most of the time;
  5. Tracksuit – No need to fix up fences when your dressed appropriately to run after cattle;
  6. Boots – The grease monkey;
  7. Wellies – The universal footwear option;
  8. Gloves – If you are wearing gloves but not milking cows, you are perceived as a soft touch;
  9. Dealer jacket – Never spends more than 5 minutes in a yard – the time it takes to load and unload;
  10. Cap – Suitability depends on which way you wear it. Be more Damo and less Ivor.
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