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You haven’t been to Carrick Winter Fair until you…

You haven’t been to Carrick Winter Fair until you…

  1. Have walked the entire yard of cattle, row by row, several times;
  2. Watch each judging category class by class, even when there are two separate rings in full swing;
  3. Get a bidding number from the office;
  4. Pick up a catalogue and earmark standout lots;
  5. Make a list of AI bulls that you may consider using on your own farm;
  6. Meet at least one person who you have not seen in years;
  7. Bid for something you had no intentions of buying;
  8. Argue with your friend who wants to buy the same beast as you – even though there are hundreds more;
  9. Surprised by the trade;
  10. Attend both the show on Sunday and sale on Monday;
  11. You’ve had a full Irish from the canteen;
  12. Bring your chequebook and trailer;
  13. Go ‘on the town’ on Sunday night after the show and before the sale on Monday;
  14. Get roped into leading an animal around the ring;
  15. Get roped into clipping, brushing, grooming and washing;
  16. Wait until the last animal goes through the ring – even if it is at 2am or 3am!
  17. Drink more cups of coffee or tea over the two days than you do for the entire year;
  18. Take photos and videos of lots to send to your fellow suckler farming fanatics who cannot attend;
  19. Watch sale clips back on That’s Farming even though you saw them going through the ring in-person;
  20. Buy a beast – but you had no intentions of loosening the pursue strings!
€14,500 for Meehan’s BYU daughter

At this year’s event, Mayo breeder, Chris Meehan, put his BYU daughter under the hammer for €14,500.

Lot 525 from the Charlestown native was tapped out as the junior blue champion during Sunday’s show.

She was born in May 2022, crossed the scales at 331kgs and stood first in her class 37: Belgian Blue-cross female calf 350 kgs or under, sponsored by Eurogene AI Services.

Meehan produced the show champion – a BBX by EPI – which found a new home at €10,000 at the same event in 2019.

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Watch a video of the €14,500 heifer: 

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