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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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AI bulls: Lynch’s top 10 to breed roans and export-type weanlings

Terminal sires – Bulls from Dovea Genetics

John Lynch focused on Dovea Genetics’ offering of terminal sires during a webinar that Teagasc Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal held last week.

During the virtual session, the AI firm’s beef programme manager suggested some terminal bulls for farmers to consider this breeding season to produce weanlings.

Terminal sires included: 

  • Ballym Rocco – Charolais;
  • Bud Orpheus – Charolais;
  • Clenagh Jasper – Charolais;
  • Pottlereagh Mark – Charolais;
  • An De Beauffaux – Belgian Blue
  • Negrita Du Lac – Belgian Blue;
  • James Bond VD – Belgian Blue;
  • Ernevalley Madison – Limousin;
  • Haltcliffe Newton – Limousin;
  • Wilodge Joskins (LM2188).
Ballym Rocco

Ballym Rocco (CH8169), a Cloverfield Excellent (a bull the station had over a decade ago) son, has a terminal index of €159, carries one copy of the Q204X gene and one copy of the ‘profit gene’.

He has a predicted rating of 7.7% calving difficulty on beef cows, but Lynch stressed that this is a test sire.

“This is a new Charolais bull that we have. I am in Dovea eleven years this year, and I think possibly this is the best one we put in through quarantine.”

“We will have semen available in about one fortnight. I think this is a bull that is going to produce super weanlings. I would say to use him on good, mature suckler cows at the start as he is only a test sire.”

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“For me, this is a real Charolais: he has muscle, length, power, bone, and a super head. He is a lovely, balanced bull with real character. We have a lot of bulls put through our hands, but I think this bull could be the best bull yet.”

Bud Orpheus

His next recommendation came in the form of Bud Orpheus (CH5932), who carries CF52 and Pirate blood.

The bull has a terminal index of €145 and carries one copy of the ‘profit gene’ along with a copy of the Q204X gene.

Currently, he has a calving difficulty figure of 10.1% on beef cows and +45 kgs of carcass and is breeding “super” quality calves.

Clenagh Jasper

Next, Lynch discussed the company’s Clenagh Jasper (CH2304), a renowned producer of “lovely, quality, shapely” calves that has generated “excellent” farmer satisfaction.

The myostatin-free bull has a terminal index of €109 and a calving difficulty rating of 7.1% on beef cows.

Pottlereagh Mark

Meanwhile, Lynch explained that Pottlereagh Mark (CH4160) “ticks the boxes” in terms of terminal and replacement.

Currently, the myostatin-free sire has a terminal index of €135 and a calving difficulty figure of 4.2% on beef cows (“extremely easy” calving).

“He is breeding cattle that have enough shape that are good performers. For someone that is working and wants easy calving and a good quality calf, he is definitely an option,” he explained.

An De Beauffaux (BB4438)

In the line of Belgian Blues, Lynch suggested BB4438, a bull that carries two copies of the NT821 gene.

Currently, he has a calving difficulty rating of 9.3% on beef cows, and therefore, Lynch added he is “average” on what he described as mature suckler cows.

“Anyone using Belgian Blue sires would not consider that difficult. I would be saying that when using blues; the best cross is a Limousin cow – let it be a red dam or a black dairy-bred one.”

“The closer you get to pure Limousin cows, the more consistency you will get in your crop of calves,” he added.

“A white bull will definitely breed you more colour, whether it is a blue or a red roan. This bull is breeding the colours; he carries the red gene, and again, we have limited sexed female semen available.”

Negrita Du Lac (BB8019)

He then suggested the firm’s new sire, Negrita Du Lac, a pedigree Belgian Blue, who also carried two copies of the NT821 gene.

Like Ballym Rocco, this is a test sire with “serious” style, muscle, and colour.

“He is not an extreme, extreme blue, but is well balanced and has a good top and end. He is a real styling machine. Overall, he is a bull I would have a lot of confidence in.”

James Bond VD

Lynch then told attendees about James Bond VD (BB4396), who also carries two copies of the NT821 gene.

He said this sire, which is “average” calving on suckler cows, has “serious” bone, length, style, and muscle.

Lynch explained: “I think his bull calves will do two jobs. They will be serious cattle to finish, along with being weanlings for the export market.”

Ernevalley Madison

Regarding Limousins, one of Lynch’s top picks is Ernevalley Madison (LM4745), which is a Foreman x Umpire bull that has bred progeny to €7,000.

He carries one copy of the ‘profit gene’, one copy of the Q204X gene, has a terminal index of €131 and a calving difficulty figure of 7.4% on beef cows.

“He is a very good bull if you are going to sell weanlings or store cattle. Overall, he is stamping his calves; they are stylish,” he remarked.

Haltcliffe Newton (LM4908)

According to Lynch, this £10,500 bull, which the firm bought in Carlisle, will produce “long, muscular” weanlings.

He carries two copies of the profit gene, has a €106 terminal value, and an 8.2% CD figure on beef cows.

Lynch said: “He is breeding cattle like himself that are serious sellers. They are clean and have lots of muscle.”

Wilodge Joskins (LM2188)

Next up on Lynch’s list was Wilodge Joskins, a Limousin sire carrying one copy of the ‘profit gene’ and one copy of the Q204X gene.

He has a terminal index of €119 and a CD figure of 12.6% on beef cows.

“He is what he is. If you want something special, he is one of the last Vantastic sons available commercially in the AI. They have extreme muscle, width, and style.”

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