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Support for farm accident survivors

Greater cohesion between sectors that support the needs of farm accident survivors to rehabilitate to a normal existence after their accident is required, according to Embrace FARM. 

During 2019, it established a support group for farm accident survivors which was facilitated by accredited counsellor, Gina Dowd of Counselling West in Athlone. 

The group, which has had over 20 people attending each meeting, found the space to be very helpful and safe where they could open-up to share their own individual stories. 

Speaking to That’s Farming, Catherine Collins, Embrace FARM Business Development Manager, said: “Each person expressed their fear, anger and even laughter of what they have experienced during their journey.”

The farm accident support network, which works with many people around Ireland that have suffered serious injuries from a farm accident, stated that it is committed in its advocacy to this group of people in bringing this array of issues to the fore during 2020. 


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In October 2019, an information day was held at The Hub, Cillin Hill, Kilkenny to show farm accident survivors the supports that are out there to help them adapt to their ‘new normal’ following an accident. 

The day was held in conjunction with The National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoighaire, where many people who have workplace accidents on their farms, rehabilitate with physio and other therapies. 

Exhibitors on the day were varied to include adapted cars and farm machinery for people with physical disabilities to utilise, farm organisations, financial and insurance institutions, education pathway organisations etc. 

“Feedback from the day was hugely positive, with all that contributed saying the day was worthwhile to attend and supportive to their personal recovery.”

2020 support 

Since its first farm accident survivors’ conference in November 2017, it has been committed in bringing accident survivors together so they can share their experiences and help one another in their recovery. 

“Injuries can be very visible such as loss of limbs and spinal injuries, and they can also be not so transparent in the form of brain injuries, mental health and other emotional traumas suffered following an accident.” Collins added. 

Embrace FARM will continue with the farm accident survivor support group throughout 2020, with the next meeting being held on Saturday, February 22nd in Athlone. To get in touch about attending, email – [email protected] – or call 085-7709966. 


For more information about Embrace FARM accident survivors’ services, see here.

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