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Ways you can tell you study/have studied the Green Cert

That’s Farming’s light-hearted and humorous take on ways you can tell you have studied or are studying the Green Cert, which has been the cornerstone of agricultural education in Ireland for 39 years now.

  • It is possibly one of the most important ‘pieces of paper’ you will earn in your farming career – gain practical farming knowledge and access to DAFM grants, stamp duty exemption.
  • There is no dress code for classes – Work boots or Hi-Vis waterproof trousers go!
  • Your tractor-driving, dosing, manual handling, and body condition scoring skills will be put to the test.
  • On-farm skills days are your favourite (1-2 hour exams… not so much).
  • You burn out the midnight oil to complete your weekly farm diary – You have lost count of how many times you have written ‘put in X silage bales and checked all animals’.
  • Your classmates are a mix from all different backgrounds and walks of life with varying interests and reasons for completing the course.
  • You do not want to hear the words exams, reports and assignments ever again.
  • Cramming, whilst never advised, is your style: Studying for exams begins less than 12 hours before it is due to commence or minutes before it. You also take the last-minute approach with reports and assignments.
  • You learn about things that you never thought you would even touch on across modules, such as machinery, grassland, soils, dairying, suckling, sheep farming and more.
  • There is always that one student competitively striving for the Teagasc/FBD Insurance Student of the Year Award title.

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