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Students during COVID-19

With students taking their classes at home due to the coronavirus, I can’t help but imagine what I would be like in their shoes.

Here is how I would imagine myself if I was back in first year during the current crisis:

  • All of a sudden you have found a new hobby when you’re supposed to be studying, funny coincidence that;
  • You studied for 4 hours so you definitely deserved that 2-day break, well-done champ;
  • “There must be a quicker way of getting through all this content”;
  • “I wonder if Coppers misses me too?”
  • There is nowhere else to spend your money, so may as well buy things online that you don’t need;
  • “I’m never saying no to a night out ever again”;
  • “I can’t wait to tell the grandkids about this”;
  • By the time it’s all over, your hair will be so overgrown you’ll need a ratchet strap to hold it all back.
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